Insurance Repairs


Trusting that your repairer has the technology, skills and proven quality workmanship to repair your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s standards matters.
That’s why having an insurance policy that allows you to choose your own repairer is so important. Many insurance companies give the impression that you have access to an exclusive club of “preferred repairer networks”.
Quite often these “preferred networks” have entered into fixed price contracts with the insurance company. A ‘fixed price repair’ is in the insurers best interest, not yours.

In having a policy that allows choice of repairer, and by choosing Graham Bodyworks, you have the peace of mind that we act in your best interest every single time.

Check your insurance policy PDS. Some insurance companies will only allow your chosen repairer to provide a quote, others will make you pay a higher premium for choice of repairer.

Click here to see if your insurer allows or restricts choice of repairer.

Ask your insurer whether they will allow you to choose your own repairer. If not, change insurers!

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can assist you with further information.
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